The Elusive Wish List

Most agents have a wish list. Not of gifts, but of the queries and manuscripts they want to land in their inbox. (Though these moments are akin to a great gift, if that gift is a hot manuscript wrapped with a lovely author and a big bow of staggering talent.) Now, realistically these may never arrive, but that doesn’t stop us from hoping.

Here is my list:

  • Quality Women’s Non Fiction (Health, Nutrition, Relationships) from authors with platforms, marketing hooks and social media skills
  • Books traversing the Commercial/Literary line.
  • The ‘Book Club Book’
  • Family or Romance based Multi-cultural Fiction
  • Irish/Russian/German coming of age novel set against the political pressures of the past century
  • Strong female protagonists that continue to grow
  • Medical Thriller
  • High-concept, emotionally compelling YA (no vampires or werewolves)
  • Socio-cultural Non-Fiction, Pop Science
If you have it, send it over!
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4 thoughts on “The Elusive Wish List

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