Writing Against Adversity

“As Raymond Federman once wrote, ‘everybody is writing a novel these days,’ even if, and perhaps because, ‘nobody knows why.’ We live in a world where the wish to write, or, more often, to have written, speaks only of some other, inner wish, whose sense is left unspoken. The novel, real or projected, achieved or abandoned, exists in the mind of its writer less as a literary object than as a wish underwritten by other wishes.” — David Winters

Today’s post is about why you write. Do you write because you have a story to tell? Do you write because you can’t fathom doing anything else? Or, do you write because everyone else is and you think you can too?

No matter what your reason for writing is, remember for everyone that thinks they can write there are just as many that know they can write. Seeing low to mid-quality books on the shelves of bookstores and online should not be enough to prompt you to write. Writers need to aspire to climb to the top of lists, awards and online platforms. Know that to write in today’s market you have to fight adversity, the mid-list, and those that think we’ve hit saturation. Becoming an author isn’t for the faint-hearted.

(via A Piece of Monologue)

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