Apps and Software for Writers

Storyist for iPad

How do you write?

Traditionally thwacking on a typewriter?

Scribbling by hand?

Methodically typing on your MacBook?

Or, in the new age of technology using apps and writing software?

For those of you unsure about what’s out there to help in the electronic writing and editing process I offer some of my favourites:

Storyist: This app is for the iPad that lets you create, review, and revise your work ‘wherever inspiration strikes’.

Evernote: This is a fantastic add-on to your web browser. Where do you save links? I find it difficult to organize where I keep links from random sources. This lets you clip them as you read and access them in one place.

Google Docs: A great way to work if you access documents from multiple computers, but I like the next two below more. (Anyone with a Google account can use this and is probably aware of it.)

DropBox: With the DropBox app on your iPad/iPhone and a folder on your desktop this instant sync puts docs in the cloud instead of through email. I use this everyday.

Docs To Go: This is a great app that brings Word and Excel to your iPad/iPhone. Need to edit on the go? This is the best app for that. It is $10 for iPad, but worth it to me.

Moleskine App: Traditional note taker trying to make it in a digital world? Look no further than the Moleskine app. The wholesome look you love now as an app! There are great ways to organize using colour and categories as well as geo-tagging so you know where you were when you made a specific note. And…it’s free!

AudioNote: Record notes and audio synced with this app. It combines the functionality of a notepad with a voice recorder to save you time. App: You can’t forget the best tool a writer can have, a dictionary and thesaurus.

OmmWriter: This is designed for those who are easily distracted and has a gorgeous user interface. Available for computers and iPad.

Mapul: This is available on the web for mind mapping of ideas.

Q: What software or apps do you use to write? I’m always looking for new writing and editing apps.

UPDATE: Suggestions from Twitter

@susanpdoherty – Scrivener: Great content generation tool. Free for the first month.

@kordanh – ByWord: Gorgeous user interface and it formats MultiMarkdown.

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3 thoughts on “Apps and Software for Writers

  1. Thanks for this list. Good timing, too, as I have just started looking into such things. Fascinating! (And no, not twaditionally thwacking, here – LOL! Though an old Royal would be quite romantic . . .)


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