Fellow Agent Blogs

These agent blogs you might already subscribe to, but I link to 15 of the best agent blogs in my opinion:

PubRants: Agent Kristin Nelson does a fabulous job of informing writers and budding publishing professionals about the inner-workings of the industry.

Rachelle Gardner: One of most-read agent blogs out there. Want consistent posts and great info? Read her blog.

Jennifer Represents:¬†Jennifer Laughran’s blog. She reps children’s and YA books and writes really great posts for writers in this genre.

Jill Corocan: Her blog is filled with information about her deals and authors. She reps MG and YA.

Janet Reid: Agent blog that posts industry info with archives going back to 2004.

Dystel & Goderich: A blog updated by all staffers featuring industry news, client info and what they are reading.

Ask the Agent: Carefully planned and written posts about the state of the industry. 

Babbles from Scott Eagan: Frequent and helpful posts for authors breaking into the business.

Daisy Frost: A blog of delightful publishing satire from an agent in the UK.

Agent Savant: Laurie McLean’s blog featuring publishing news and digital happenings.

La Vie en Prose: Mer Barnes’s blog about books and technology.

Glass Cases: Sarah LaPolla, associate literary agent at Curtis Brown, hosts a blog featuring publishing news, agent information and showcases writers.

Hannah Bowman: She hosts a tumblr site about what she’s looking for as an agent and posts helpful writing tips.

Adventures in Agentland: Natalie’s blog about agent, submission, query and industry issues.

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