Vlog 1: How to Write a Query Letter

Hello, all!

Here is my first vlog post about how to write a query letter for the P.S. Literary Agency.

Be kind to me! It’s my first one and I promise they’ll get better… It’s harder than it looks. :)

For more information on querying please visit the P.S. Literary Agency website. Also, see my previous post on this topic.

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11 thoughts on “Vlog 1: How to Write a Query Letter

  1. Great vlog Carly! One question, what if, as a new writer, I don’t have awards or affiliations, or publications to but in the bio? Is it okay if it is really short, or is there something else I should include?

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    • Thanks, Laura! I can sigh of relief now :)

      It can be super short. “Laura Folds lives in ____, this is her debut novel.”

      If you don’t have anything to say in there, don’t try to puff it up, nice and simple is great.

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  2. Great job! There weren’t any uhs, ahs, or ums, like in other vlogs I’ve seen. :D

    Question: I was wondering if you wanted to participate in an agent pitch match in March? A sort of poker game against other agents. We have three agents and one possible joining in. I can email you details, if you want. :D

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    • Hi Brenda. Thanks for watching! I had to do some retakes due to slouching and such… Perhaps I should include some bloopers down the line…

      In answer to your question, I’m doing a query contest this month so I will unfortunately have to pass on your offer for March. I need to keep a balance. Thanks for thinking of me, though.

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