Do agents take holidays?

With the holidays fast approaching all I can think is: I can’t wait for the holidays so I can catch up on my required reading…

Agents, and many book professionals, use their breaks to read and catch up on the things they haven’t been able to do while busy doing day-to-day work.

This often includes:

  • Reading client’s manuscripts.
  • Reading requested partials and fulls.
  • Doing research for projects coming up in the new year.
  • Getting submission lists ready for the new year.
  • Reading books for fun! Book publishing professionals get a lot of books as gifts over the holidays because it’s an easy fit.

Our offices will technically be closed, but we’ll get lots of work done.

While I’ll be spending Christmas with friends and loved ones I’ll have a book in hand the entire time…

Until then I’ll be working on client projects in various stages and trying to wrap some contract negotiations up before offices close.

Happy holidays, hope you fit some reading in too!

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