Video Blogs coming soon.

I am going to start to incorporate video blogs into my posts and to start the process I want to hear from you guys what it is you want to know.

I’ve already got some great ideas via Twitter: foreign rights, what an agent does after the book is sold, communication with agents dos and don’ts, and elevator pitches.

Please share your ideas in the comments below and I’ll start answering your questions. I am going to ease into it so it might take time to get to everyone, but I want to talk about things you want to hear about so please get involved. No question is unimportant! However, if it is better suited to a written post or comment reply I may do that.

I look forward to your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Video Blogs coming soon.

  1. I haven’t delved too much into the agent world just yet, but as a total newbie, I’d be interested in:

    – learning where to find a good agent
    – how to be sure you’ve found an agent that is a good match for you and your work
    – exactly how the agent/author relationship/contract works (I have a hazy idea of what agents do, but am not sure what they don’t do)
    – any tips on querying

    Those are just a few initial thoughts! I’ll drop back in if I come up with any more :)

    I think videos are a great idea!


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