Be and Write in the ‘Now’

Always looking for the next inspiration? Finishing your next novel? Getting an agent? Getting a publisher? Waiting for your book to be published? And then looking for the next deal and so on?

Instead of searching and being unsatisfied with where you are, why not look at where you are today and be happy?

Did you write today? Are there more words on the page than yesterday? Don’t think about what you don’t have: an unfinished manuscript, no agent, no publisher in sight. Instead think about what you do have: an able and inquisitive mind, a literary voice, a support system that helps you write, and a story to tell.

Don’t let the ‘what ifs’ and ‘what’s nexts’ hold you back from being active today.

Image via Priscilla Nielsen at NPR

10 thoughts on “Be and Write in the ‘Now’

      1. Oh Carly, you are the best!!! Just what all of us need to hear as we navigate the publishing world. Be present in the moment, with gratitude.


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