Trust: Can you hand over control?

Trust. Seems like a simple concept, but so much of what we as agents do requires complete and utter trust from our authors. You might not understand all the moves we make, or why we have to be the voice of the industry sometimes, but our job is to communicate our actions as best as we can while requiring trust from our clients that we are making the best decisions for them and their career.

Our job is to advise you, with your best interests in mind, and consulting you on those decisions, but when you sign on with an agent you have to go through the check list of everything you want in an agent, and the ‘agent qualities’ they possess, and see if you can rely on them and work with this person through all the ups and downs.

We take on the responsibility of reading trade news and keeping up to date with all sides of the business so you can go away and write. So when it comes time for us to do our jobs, give us your trust.

2 thoughts on “Trust: Can you hand over control?

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