Q: What should I do while my book is on submission?

So many authors get anxious while their book is on submission to editors, as they should be! This is an exciting time. However, you can really work yourself up so here are 5 tips to keep your head above water:

  1. Find a writers group to vent with. You’ll need to talk to people who know what you’re going through.
  2. Learn more about the process by asking good questions: Which editors are looking at my book? What imprint and publishing house do they work at? You know about your genre, now learn about the publishing side of it. But let your agent do their job. This is their expertise.
  3. Keep writing. Whether it’s new material, blog posts, journalism, etc. But don’t track the submission process. You need to show editors that you are active online, but leave some mystery.
  4. Don’t check in with your agent multiple times per week. Your agent will love to make the call that there has been an offer, they’ll never sit on that type of news.
  5. Never, ever take out your frustrations on social media sites–especially ones where editors can see it.

Happy submissions!

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