When material is requested, get it in the agent’s hands!

If/when your work is requested by an agent it’s in your best interest to get it to them ASAP.

If you take a long time to get your work to an agent (I’m talking 1 to 2 weeks) it says that:

a) You haven’t edited your work and you queried too soon

b) You haven’t finished your work and you’re finishing it now

c) You aren’t taking this process seriously and aren’t checking your query emails

Taking a long time to get us your work is detrimental because we may start to forget about why we’re excited about it; you are losing this great opportunity. One last proofread should only take a day or two at most if you want to do so. You’ve captured our attention in a big way and authors should capitalize on this focus.

6 thoughts on “When material is requested, get it in the agent’s hands!

  1. I had sent a query out 3 months ago to Agent 1. Recently, Agent 2 gave me helpful feedback on my ms so I am revising. Now Agent 1 has asked for the ms. I don’t have it at the ready as you advised! Gak! All I could do is tell Agent 2 the truth, and that I would send her the revised(and hopefully better) ms in a few weeks.


    1. Oooh, that’s a toughie! Tell her that you’re working on revision due to feedback and you’ll be in touch when it’s ready. There’s only one chance to make a first impression!


  2. Hi Carly! Is it ever looked down on when we send it right away? Like within an hour or two? I aim to zap it over ASAP when those requests come in but don’t want to appear to be an over-anxious date.


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