New Client: Caitlin Rantala

I’m delighted to share a new author that I have recently begun to represent: Caitlin Rantala.

She wrote a imaginative YA Fantasy, SIREN, that caught my eye. Here’s a bit about the book! I call it THE VOICE meets SNOW WHITE.

Eastland is inhabited by sirens – people with mesmerizing voices worn proudly around their necks in small colorful glass vials. Once a Kingdom full of magic, Eastland is slowly losing itself. The only thing spectacular anyone has left is their song. The better one’s voice, the better one’s social standing in the Kingdom. In fact, even the Queen of Eastland is chosen on her vocals during a ceremony called The Choosing.

Sawyer Sweetin is a nobody in Eastland, but she has a rare gifted talent, one that could easily steal the crown if the whole kingdom were to hear her. Tired of being ignored, Sawyer is determined to win the hearts of her homeland, finally being allowed to come into her own and return the kingdom back to its magic origins. But Sawyer has yet to learn that sometimes the things you want in life, don’t always come to you in the way that you’d hoped.

She is about to grow up all too fast, fighting for her life, falling in and out of love, losing those she’s held dear, and, ultimately asking herself, was this really what she wanted?

Caitlin works in the music journalism industry. After proving to herself that she could finish a novel, she wrote another one. Then she wrote a couple more, all of which were written in under a four month period, until she got the idea for SIREN. Caitlin lives in Nashville.


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