Here’s Why I Don’t Represent Middle Grade

I get a lot of queries for middle grade because I sell and represent YA and picture books. I have skipped over representing middle grade and I’ll tell you why.

It’s not because there isn’t a terrific market, or great editors, agents, and authors–because there are some great people working in MG and there are some fantastic MG books.

But I suggest you find those agents who do because I’ve never connected with the MG voice, and I don’t think I would recognize a good MG manuscript if I was queried with one.

I don’t request any material from queries that are addressed to me that are in the MG category. So save yourself an email.

To read about the genres and categories I do represent click here.

One thought on “Here’s Why I Don’t Represent Middle Grade

  1. What if you found an author you really liked who has been writing in your preferred genres, but his/her next project is MG? Would you “share” the author with another agent? Get someone from your own agency involved? Pass?

    Just curious – thanks!


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