Should You Use Twitter?

There are so many social media sites, and so many sources telling writers to be on all of them. Here is a flow chart to help you know if Twitter is right for you.


9 thoughts on “Should You Use Twitter?

  1. As an agent, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how necessary you think it is for writers to be on Twitter. This is a decision I’ve been struggling with… So many writers say its essential, but I worry about it just becoming one more time-suck for me.


    1. What’s great about Twitter is finding like-minded people. So you’ll find writers in the same position as you. It makes writers feel like a community. That being said, it can be a big time suck so you have to take it in moderation. I think Twitter is a wonderful resource and community and always recommend joining if you have the time and inclination to join.


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