New Year, New Wish List for 2014

notepageWhat I’m looking for in 2014:

While what I’m looking for isn’t that different from month to month or year to year. (I’m just looking for great storytelling!) Here is a detailed list of my interests for the start of this year. In no particular order:

Women’s fiction – contemporary, up-market, or historical (Example: The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls, The Engagements, Beautiful Day)

Upmarket non fiction – humor, health, wellness, cookbook (Example: Niche cookbooks or new approaches to our outlook on health)

Original Memoir – ‘drastically altered your  life’ stories. Did you cut up your credit cards and move to upstate new york to live simpler? Did you decide to live your life in 5 pieces of clothing for a whole year? Looking for super original ‘drastically changed your life’ type stories. (Example: Out Of The Woods)

Pop Science/Pop Psychology – how can you teach us about ourselves in a way we haven’t looked at yet? (Example: Power of Habit)

Young Adult and New Adult – contemporary, historical, light fantasy (emphasis on light), sci-fi, thriller, or mystery (Example: How to Love)

General fiction – literary thriller or mystery, stand alone (Example: Night Film)

Query me at query (at) Please put your title in the subject heading and address it to me. When in doubt: send me anything. I’m open to all great reads.

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