I’m Looking For A Reader

Love reading, critiquing and writing?

I’m looking for someone:

  • To do reading for me and write reader’s reports
  • Who can give 10-20 hours a week for 3-6 months
  • Who can work remotely
  • That likes YA and women’s fiction
  • Who ideally has publishing industry experience, is professional, can follow deadlines, and knows what a reader’s report is

Interested? Email a resume, cover letter, your availability, and a list of your 5 favourite authors to info(at)psliterary(dot)com with the subject heading Carly Watters Reader Application. I will accept applications until March 14.

It is an unpaid and remote role, but I will happily give a recommendation for any successful candidates. Ideal role for publishing or writing students, those looking to get into publishing, or those who have a little bit of experience under their belt.

6 thoughts on “I’m Looking For A Reader

  1. Hi there Carly … I love your blog and find all your tips really useful. If I were to assess your post using your criteria for queries I’d ask – Are the advantages of this unpaid position obvious? Is this someone I’d like to work for? What is the payoff for me? I know what they might be but, aside from you willing to write a recommendation, I didn’t see that in the post. To be honest, your “call” sounded really “me … me… me”. No offense, just speaking truth to power..


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