Best Links Around the Web – Nov 10

I was starting to collect links to Tweet this morning when there was just too many!

Best Links from Around the Web:

Agent Howard Yoon writes in The Atlantic about how to make a bestseller in non fiction. He talks about why traditional publishing still matters for those who want to hit the NYT list.

Writer Zadie Smith tells the story of an advertisement near her Manhattan apartment and how to Find Your Beach in the New York Review of Books.

The Kernel does a feature on How Fangirls Changed the Future of Publishing. Fan Fiction is all the rage now! (According to the traditional media. We all know this has been going on for ages.)

Vulture does a piece on Amazon’s literary reputation. Great read for those drinking the “Amazon Kool Aid.”

The Guardian does (another) article on self publishing and the different ways to bring your book to market. (Hint: There’s no right answer!)

Wonder how small presses make a bestseller? Publisher’s Weekly features a Europa Edition case study.

Publicity and marketing for a debut author. Unheard of? Grand Central goes all out for this new novel.

And in the wake of much news about domestic abuse. A great read from VQR about the Grand Unified Theory of Female Pain.

Lastly, something I feel really strongly about: why are we educating our children for jobs that will become obsolete by the time they are adults?

Happy long-form reading!

4 thoughts on “Best Links Around the Web – Nov 10

  1. When reading some of those fan-fic articles, I felt like I was watching a documentary on the Templars or an episode of Dateline. The seedy underbelly of the publishing world is growing at an unstoppable rate… :)

    Someone will eventually write a post-apocalyptic book on the aftermath of Fifty Shades of Gray (and of course it too will be fan-fic).


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