Webinar: Successfully Publishing Your First Novel in the 21st Century

webinar3Attention debut writers! I have a Writer’s Digest Webinar coming up on Feb 19 at 1pm.

(Remember: If you can’t attend live you will still get the webinar sent to you. You still get a critique, too.)

Also, a critique is not a query. So if you want to sign up and get a critique and then use the feedback you can still query me after!


I will be teaching Successfully Publishing Your First Novel in the 21st Century. Sign up today! It includes a critique of the first 5 pages of your manuscript. Space is limited.

From Writer’s Digest:


It has never been more difficult to get traditionally published and make your writing stand out than right now. No matter what your writing goals are, a writer needs to get their book noticed to make it in this age of publishing. But with the right tools and industry insider tips you can make it possible.

Being a published author in the 21st century means knowing how to get published, how to do it well, and how to rise above all the other books out there. Instead of accepting that it’s a competitive industry, why not learn what it takes to build a successful writing career?


  • How to begin your book and why you’ve probably been starting in the wrong spot
  • Self-editing tips that will transform your manuscript
  • How to make your query letter stand out (from someone who reads over 800 a month!)
  • Why agents stop reading your manuscript
  • What agents are looking for in writers that are going to help them stand out
  • How agents partner with authors to make them stand out in 21st century publishing

Sign up here! Listen to me for an hour and a half from the comfort of your own desk. And don’t forget: I will be critiquing the first 5 pages of everyone’s manuscript in the weeks following the Webinar.

Published by Carly Watters

Carly Watters is a SVP, senior literary agent and director of literary branding with the P.S. Literary Agency. She is a hands-on agent that develops proposals and manuscripts with attention to detail and the relevant markets. PSLA’s mission is to manage authors’ literary brands for their entire career. Never without a book on hand she reads across categories which is reflected in the genres she represents and is actively seeking new authors in including women’s fiction, commercial and upmarket fiction, select literary fiction, platform-driven non fiction and select memoir. She occasionally represents children's book projects. Carly is drawn to emotional, well-paced narratives, with a great voice and characters that readers can get invested in.

9 thoughts on “Webinar: Successfully Publishing Your First Novel in the 21st Century

    1. Hi Beth,

      They will let you know how to get them to me. It’s up to you when you submit. Some people want to get it off their plate. Some people like to listen to the webinar first and then submit, in case they learn something.

      Glad to have you!



  1. Hi Carly, I’m an American living in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi) there’s obviously a time difference that makes attending a challenge. Would love to attend live but my need to wait for link. Thanks for the opportunity! I always find the information you share helpful and insightful. Best, Gina xx The Abu Dhabi PTA


  2. Hi Carly. I registered for the Webinar but never got any updates. Just sat down to look at everything, but I can’t find any emails from Writer’s Digest or info on how to get my 5 pages critiqued. Any advice? Thanks!


    1. Did you get the emails telling you how to sign into the webinar? The information was on those emails too. Contact Writer’s Digest first, then let me know if they don’t get back to you. Thanks for attending!


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