May Webinars

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 5.44.12 PMI’m back teaching this month and there are two options for you to choose from:

She Writes UniversityThe Modern Author: Understanding Sales Data, Rankings and More (Thursday May 17, 7pm est)

Sales data, Amazon rankings, social media followers—what do these have to do with writing?

Everything. They’re the numbers that run our business.

More than ever publishing professionals from booksellers to editors are looking at figures to determine everything from marketing budgets and whether to buy your next book based on track record and sales potential. We’ll discuss sell-in to bookstores, print runs, BookScan, comparative titles sales figures, bestsellers, market research, Amazon charting, and lastly social media platforms and numbers of followers for successful and sustained influence.

Today’s author requires two hats that are equal in strength: writing & sales/marketing. The most successful and valuable authors know how to do both. Let’s make numbers work for you while you take care of the craft.


Writer’s DigestFind Success with Your Query Letter: Getting Beyond Form Letters

Writers are tired of all those rejection letters piling up in their inbox. Some writers are confused about what they mean and how to learn from them. Agents don’t love sending rejections; in fact, it’s agents’ least favorite part of the job. Agents send them for many reasons like writers not following guidelines or targeting the right agents, or perhaps an agent really does like a pitch, but they don’t love it. Everyone can see that’s a broad spectrum. So how do writers know where they fall into it? Believe it or not, those form rejections hold the secret to writers’ success-they just don’t know it yet.

This live webinar will change the way attendees think about the polite passes they get from agents. P.S. Literary VP and Senior Agent Carly Watters will teach writers how to deconstruct rejections, interpret unknown patterns, provide attendees with winning pitching formulas, and empower writers to find their success within the querying system.

Agents actually love the slush pile because it’s where they find most of their debut clients. Carly will show attendees how to stand out in the slush pile and reduce the number of rejections received through simple and straightforward techniques they’ll wish they had before they began submitting. Carly has proudly found 95% of her fiction authors in the slush pile and she’ll share the patterns of success that helped land those writers with her.

It’s never too late to have a winning writing career. Those rejections aren’t the end. All it takes is one yes. And Carly will help you get closer to yes.


  • How to recognize patterns in rejection letters
  • When to rewrite your query and when to revise your manuscript
  • Why agents send form rejections and why they send personalized rejections-and what the difference is
  • Winning formulas for your premise, hook and query letter
  • Why your pitch should focus on plot, not theme
  • The truth about how agents process queries
  • How to think like an agent who is reading their slush pile

2 thoughts on “May Webinars

  1. Very interested in the May 17th webinar (Understanding Sales Data & Rankings).
    I find your blog so supportive to writers, especially on craft, querying, and post publishing.

    One final thought — I was amazed to read that you find 95% of your debut authors in the slush pile!

    Liked by 2 people

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