“How To Get An Agent”

…as you all know…it’s not that simple. So, that’s why I’m teaching my webinar again! HOW TO GET AN AGENT will run August 11 at 1pm EST, but don’t despair–if you can’t attend live and you’re still interested sign up anyway to get the live webinar emailed to you right after. It’s full of greatContinue reading ““How To Get An Agent””

5 Year Blog-versary Round Up!

Wow, 5 years since this blog began! Thank you to the loyal readers and commenters for your engagement with my posts. I decided to do a round up of some of my top posts over the years. Craft: 30 Questions to Ask Your Main Character When You Start Comparing Yourself To Other Writers 7 Things WritersContinue reading “5 Year Blog-versary Round Up!”

4 Publishing Industry “Rules” You Can Break (and 6 You MUST follow!)

In publishing rules are just guidelines. We give you these guidelines to help you (believe it or not). We’re not trying to make your life harder; we are trying to show you how to succeed. These guidelines are what you should generally follow, but there are times you can break the rules. A great skillContinue reading “4 Publishing Industry “Rules” You Can Break (and 6 You MUST follow!)”

5 Secrets To Publishing Your Debut Novel

Lots of people can write. Lots of people can (and do!) query their writing. But what does that group of people who get published do differently? Other than persistence, here are my FIVE SECRETS to set you apart from the pack–and join your peers getting published! 1. NETWORK Notice I didn’t say “develop a platform” which is aContinue reading “5 Secrets To Publishing Your Debut Novel”