Why You Need A Creative Writing Mantra

I think everyone has an internal champion that pushes them on with colloquial phrases. Aside from the “you can do it” self encouragement I think it’s important to display your mantra in front of you at your work station. We all know we can do things if we dedicate time and attention to them; however, it’sContinue reading “Why You Need A Creative Writing Mantra”

To MFA or Not to MFA, That Is The Question…

There is much debate over whether doing an MFA is crucial to the experience of a writer. There are two schools of thought (pardon the pun): The MFA shows a dedication to the craft and a seriousness about being a writer. The learning experiences of the world are of greater value than those learned inContinue reading “To MFA or Not to MFA, That Is The Question…”

Less is More: Knowing which passages to cut

You’ve heard Faulkner say “you must kill all your darlings” and Stephen King say “it’s always easier to kill someone else’s darlings than it is to kill your own”, so how does this help you when it comes time to get out the red pen? Camilla Gibb, award-winning author of Mouthing the Words and The Beauty of HumanityContinue reading “Less is More: Knowing which passages to cut”