Is Your Manuscript Ready for Querying?

So you’ve written a great query letter and the agent or editor you submitted to has requested material. Now what? So often partials I request have a great hook, but the final product is far being fully realized. This may be a result of a few issues:

Writing Query Letters: fiction edition

The goal of the query letter is to pique interest in your writing and get the agent or editor wanting more material. There are many formulaic descriptions out there on how to write the perfect three or five paragraph query letter. Well, I assure you that while agents want organization, thoughtful articulation and great descriptionsContinue reading “Writing Query Letters: fiction edition”

Sample Material: do’s and don’t’s

When asked to send sample material follow these guidelines: – Most obviously, send your manuscript in the file format that is asked of you. Often times authors send in material in pdf or rtf when we specifically ask for doc or it is password protected. This is a simple task that allows the agent toContinue reading “Sample Material: do’s and don’t’s”

An Introduction

Hello, all. Welcome to my blog where I will be discussing querying, writing tips, the publishing industry, conferences and book fairs, submissions, answering author questions and posting links to my favourite sites and blogs. While there are many excellent agent blogs in existence (Pub Rants and Book Ends to name two) this will be anContinue reading “An Introduction”