4 thoughts on “Interviews

  1. Everybody says they love hearing from people, do they really. I can tell you this, you are Canadian, do you hide from reality? I can tell you I had a presentation bought a brand new shirt and it was cancelled. I suggested a tv episode to TVO Agenda, they did show but I was not included as a guest. Took the idea but hated who was bringing idea. As an economist, only one in history, I have been published in economic journals, physics journals, I have firsts in economics, knowledge economics, gave whole thing meat and bones, gave knowledge a unit, this allowed me to study information, and quantum mechanics just deals with information allowing me to contribute to quantum economics and be published, showed how maths behaves according to dimensions, showed how quantum communications work, no economist not even their Nobel laureates, have shown how all subjects are the same, how theory of everything that I developed can explain emotions and behavior of a black hole. Would you hate a black person like the Canadian establishment, TVO is establishment, who has done that, can they get in touch with you, or do you also pretend to be none racist when in reality you are a polite racist, hating a black who thinks.


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