Thank you to my agent, Carly Watters. I got supremely lucky the day you chose to represent me, and I will forever be grateful for all you’ve done for me and my career. I appreciate your guidance, dedication, and friendship. Susie Orman Schnall, Author of We Came Here to Shine || Thank you to my agent, Carly Watters, for being by my side since the very beginning. I couldn’t have done any of this without you. And thank you to the team at the P.S. Literary Agency; your continued support is so much appreciated. Karen Katchur, Author of Spring Girls || As always, I’m very grateful to have my incredible agent, Carly Watters, who is like a life coach, crisis negotiator, and financial advisor all in one. Lindsay Wong, Author of My Summer of Love and Misfortune || To Carly Watters, you are the agent with the mostest; I am so thrilled to work with you. You make me feel supported and understood and helped shape the vision for Eat More Plants so it could become stronger. Thank you for believing in this project and in my ability to pull it off. Desiree Nielsen, Author of Eat More Plants || …to my agent, Carly Watters, who has been there for me every step of the way these past few years. Andrea Dunlop, Author of We Came Here to Forget || To Carly Watters: Working with you has been everything I ever hoped for in a business partnership: collaborative, fun, and successful! Thank you for taking a chance and adding me to your team of awe-inspiring writers and for believing I could write whatever project came our way. Jan Scott, Bestselling Author of Oven to Table || First, thank you to my super-agent, Carly Watters at P.S. Literary Agency, for picking me out of the slush pile and making my dreams come true. You guided a novice writer to a debut author and believed in me every step of the way. I’m forever grateful for that. Christina McDonald, Bestselling Author of The Night Olivia Fell || First, to my ridiculously cool and wonderful agent, Carly Watters, you have, quite literally, changed my life.Meg Myers Morgan, Author of Everything Is Negotiable || A big thank-you to my agent, Carly Watters, for always having my back and never giving up on me.Karen Katchur, Bestselling Author of River Bodies || …I have to thank and salute the following people for their incredible belief in my work: the indefatigable Carly Watters and the team at P.S. Literary…Lindsay Wong, Bestselling Author of The Woo-Woo || First, thank you to my agent, Carly Watters, who believed in me years ago when I pitched her the book that never actually got published. It’s meant a lot to have you in my corner and to know that even when I was beginning to lose faith in myself, you kept it. Our lives have changed a lot over the last half decade, but I’m so happy to still have you in mine.Anne T. Donahue, Bestselling Author of Nobody Cares || Thanks to my tireless agent, Carly Watters, for believing in this book and for reminding me (again and again), it only takes one “Yes!” Cara Sue Achterberg, Author of Another Good Dog || Thank you, Carly Watters, literary agent extraordinaire, who gave me the wonderful author experience of “The Call.” I have loved working with you and appreciate everything you have done for me. I’m so excited to be on your team.Susie Orman Schnall, Author of The Subway Girls || This book would not have blossomed without my agent, Carly Watters of P.S. Literary Agency. Carly has an amazing gift of insight that lets her see the flowers through the thicket. Early in the pruning of this book, her deftness with the hedge clippers greatly improved the story.Glendy Vanderah, Bestselling Author of Where the Forest Meets the Stars ||

One thought on “Endorsements

  1. Hi Carly! Found this page through your Good Reads. If you still check this account, I wanted to leave my own splash of compliments for you. It is impressive to hear these women speak of you as if you are their life partner because while some may think this is a silly comparison, I can only imagine the journey of a writer requires this level of dedication from the person supporting them (and their work) through all the challenges. It’s lovely to have an agent described as a friend whose fountain of faith runs deep.

    It gives me goosebumps to think one day this could be me! I want someone who understands me and my vision. I submitted a query to you in July but understand your inbox must be flooded. I’ll keep my head high that you may crave a women’s fiction novel in 2021 :)

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