Some of Carly’s recent deals and soon-to-be-published books include:

CHEF SOUS CHEF (Appetite/Random House, 2021)

Lindsay Wong’s THE SUMMER I LEARNED CHINESE (Simon Pulse/Simon and Schuster, 2020)

Jael Richardson’s GUTTER CHILD (HarperCollins, 2020)

Susanne Althoff’s LAUNCHING WHILE FEMALE (Beacon Press, 2020)

Karen Katchur’s SPRING GIRLS (Thomas and Mercer, 2020)

Andrea Dunlop’s WE CAME HERE TO FORGET (Atria/Simon and Schuster, 2019)

Christina McDonald’s THE NIGHT OLIVIA FELL (Gallery/Simon and Schuster, 2019)

Glendy Vanderah WHERE THE FOREST MEETS THE STARS (Lake Union, 2019)

Allison Day’s MODERN LUNCH (Appetite/Penguin Random House Canada, 2019)

Desiree Nielsen’s EAT MORE PLANTS (Penguin Random House Canada, 2019)

Jan Scott’s OVEN TO TABLE (Penguin Random House Canada, 2019)

Karen Katchur COLD WOODS (Thomas & Mercer, 2019)

Teresa Wong’s DEAR SCARLET (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2019)

Anne T. Donahue’s NOBODY CARES (ECW Press, 2018)

Meg Myers Morgan’s EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE (Seal Press/Hachette, 2018)

Andrea Dunlop’s SHE REGRETS NOTHING (Atria/Simon and Schuster, 2018)

Susie Orman Schnall’s THE SUBWAY GIRLS (St. Martin’s/Macmillan, 2018)

Karen Katchur RIVER BODIES (Thomas & Mercer, 2018)

Cara Sue Achterberg ANOTHER GOOD DOG (Pegasus ,2018)

Lindsay Wong THE WOO WOO (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2018)


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