15 Things I’ve Learned in 5 Years: Celebrating my 5 Year ‘Agent-versary’

Last year I wrote a post about my “four year agent-versary.” And focused on what I was grateful for. Last week my friend, and super agent, Katie Shea Boutiller wrote about her 4 years as an agent. Including some great tips about why agents have to be strong editors. This year I’m celebrating 5 years as an agent!Continue reading “15 Things I’ve Learned in 5 Years: Celebrating my 5 Year ‘Agent-versary’”

The author/agent ratio

How agents spend their working day is a bit confusing for many authors. There is the impression that we read all day long, when in fact the reading we do is on the weekends and evenings. What we do during the week involved managing submissions for new work and managing relationships between editors, and clientsContinue reading “The author/agent ratio”

Agents and authors have more in common than you might think…

I know you writers think that agents have a pretty great gig. And we do! We do it because we love finding emerging writers and developing their career while sharing their work with the world. However, there are parts of our job that not all writers are aware of and I share some here: WeContinue reading “Agents and authors have more in common than you might think…”

Trust: Can you hand over control?

Trust. Seems like a simple concept, but so much of what we as agents do requires complete and utter trust from our authors. You might not understand all the moves we make, or why we have to be the voice of the industry sometimes, but our job is to communicate our actions as best asContinue reading “Trust: Can you hand over control?”