DFW Con: See you this weekend!

Dallas Fort Worth Writers: I’m coming your way! This weekend I’ll be at the following conference events: Ask An Agent Session 2 Dawn Frederick, Michelle Johnson, Lana Popovic, Christopher Rhodes, Carly Watters 1:00 to 1:45 p.m.  Sunday There are a lot of opinions out there about to how to become a traditionally published author. Everyone’sContinue reading “DFW Con: See you this weekend!”

Webinar: HOW TO GET AN AGENT May 14th, Writer’s Digest

I’m back at Writer’s Digest doing another great webinar. This time: HOW TO GET AN AGENT. Sign up here for the May 14 (1pm EST) session.  Many writers think getting a literary agent is the hardest thing they’ll have to do as a writer. They think agents are looking to turn away writers, when actuallyContinue reading “Webinar: HOW TO GET AN AGENT May 14th, Writer’s Digest”

If you’re waiting for something to happen in publishing…

If you’re waiting on beta readers… Throw yourself into critiquing others; attend a writer’s conference, webinar, or workshop; outline your next book; set up your author website. If you’re waiting for an agent… Start working on (or finishing) your next book; avoid reading too much into agents’ social media posts; tidy up your author blogContinue reading “If you’re waiting for something to happen in publishing…”

Celebrating my four year ‘Agent-versary’

I’m celebrating my four year ‘Agent-versary’ this fall! I feel so lucky to have a job (and clients!) I love so much. Who else can say they get to read and travel for a living? Recently, I was in Avalon, NJ for a writers retreat where I got to spend time with Kathy Temean andContinue reading “Celebrating my four year ‘Agent-versary’”