Webinar: HOW TO GET AN AGENT. Details here:

This Thursday is my Writer’s Digest Webinar HOW TO GET AN AGENT. Sign up here. Think getting an agent will be the hardest thing you do as a writer? Think again! After a 1 hour presentation I answer 30 minutes of viewer questions, you get a query critique in 6 weeks, and the full webinar emailedContinue reading “Webinar: HOW TO GET AN AGENT. Details here:”

6 Reasons You Need A Literary Agent Now More Than Ever

Yes, even you self pubbed authors need an agent now more than ever. There’s no disputing that you can publish your own book, get a deal by yourself meeting an editor at a conference or submitting to certain publishers that are open to the slush. I see more and more in our query inbox that anContinue reading “6 Reasons You Need A Literary Agent Now More Than Ever”

Recent Interviews

For those of you querying and wanting to get to know my tastes better I have done some recent interviews that  might give you some insight into what I’m looking for and how to query me. Interview with Krista Van Dolzer on Mother.Write.(Repeat.) There is also a large number of agent interviews archived on the websiteContinue reading “Recent Interviews”

Agents and authors have more in common than you might think…

I know you writers think that agents have a pretty great gig. And we do! We do it because we love finding emerging writers and developing their career while sharing their work with the world. However, there are parts of our job that not all writers are aware of and I share some here: WeContinue reading “Agents and authors have more in common than you might think…”