Why don’t agents comment on the manuscripts they pass on?

This is a tough one. Every agent feels differently about this, but my general philosophy is this: if I wrote up notes while I was reading the manuscript, I’ll pass them on, but if there are so many issues in the manuscript that I can’t tackle effectively in an editorial letter while balancing the workContinue reading “Why don’t agents comment on the manuscripts they pass on?”

Should American Writers Submit to Canadian Agents?

A question that often circulates query forums and discussion pages is: Should U.S. writers query Canadian agents? Concerns include: Do Canadian agents have editorial contacts in the U.S. like American agents? Are there financial hoops to jump through when it comes time for money owing to the writer from a Canadian agent? Do Canadian agentsContinue reading “Should American Writers Submit to Canadian Agents?”

What to do when your offer of representation isn’t as simple as you thought

So, you’ve got an offer of representation. Now what? When you played this scenario in your head perhaps you thought it would be simple or one of a few situations: I submit to my first choice agent and we connected. I go through a few months of rejections and land the agent that really lovesContinue reading “What to do when your offer of representation isn’t as simple as you thought”

BookCamp TO: Agenting Today

Those Torontonians, and visitors from across Canada, who have tickets to BookCamp TO on Saturday at Ryerson University can find me at the ‘Agenting Today’ session from 12.15 to 1pm. BookCamp TO is put on by the CanBPA, the Canadian Book Professionals Association, a group who provides professional development and community building within the Canadian book industry.Continue reading “BookCamp TO: Agenting Today”