5 Things You Didn’t Know About Querying as a Debut Author

I really enjoy talking about debuts. Many debut authors are nervous about their credentials (do I have enough? do they mean anything?), their contacts (who do I have to know? what if I don’t “know” anyone?), and their book (what if it’s not good enough? what if it’s the best I’ve got?). I think it’s timeContinue reading “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Querying as a Debut Author”

The Break-up: How to Leave Your Agent

I’m a believer in positive thinking and I try to keep things inspiring on my blog, but from time to time we have to get real and talk about tough things. What happens when you want to leave your agent? How should you do it? What’s the order of things? Every scenario is different andContinue reading “The Break-up: How to Leave Your Agent”

5 Things To Do If An Agent Has Your Manuscript For Months

Writers always ask: What does it mean if an agent has my manuscript for awhile? Answer: Nothing. It means nothing if we’ve had it for a long time. It doesn’t mean we aren’t interested. It doesn’t mean we’ve read it and are failing to get back to you. It means that we likely haven’t even gotContinue reading “5 Things To Do If An Agent Has Your Manuscript For Months”

Why You Want An Agent Who Reads

Agent Janet Reid wrote a great blog post about agent burnout among other things. One part that stuck with me was her comment about agents reading things that aren’t client work. I can understand when writers see their agents talking on Twitter or Facebook about books that aren’t theirs and they think: “If they had spareContinue reading “Why You Want An Agent Who Reads”