What do agents and editors want? Writers, you tell us

The truth is no one knows what they want until they see it. Editors and agents always say they are looking for a compelling story, great voice, proper pace, believability–and excellent writing. However, no one can say exactly what that will be until it lands in their inbox. This isn’t the industry being fickle, it’s whatContinue reading “What do agents and editors want? Writers, you tell us”

BookCamp TO: Agenting Today

Those Torontonians, and visitors from across Canada, who have tickets to BookCamp TO on Saturday at Ryerson University can find me at the ‘Agenting Today’ session from 12.15 to 1pm. BookCamp TO is put on by the CanBPA, the Canadian Book Professionals Association, a group who provides professional development and community building within the Canadian book industry.Continue reading “BookCamp TO: Agenting Today”