Happy Book Birthday to Jay Onrait. ANCHORBOY is out now!

AnchorboyJay Onrait fans: this book is not to be missed.

From HarperCollins:


10) Jay was beaten up by an MMA fighter on live television

9) Interviewing Will Ferrell can be a harrowing experience

8) Jay once ruined a perfectly good pair of underwear on Christmas Eve

7) Failing as a stand-up comedian can lead to a job in broadcasting

6) Jay ran a marathon to get a ticket for the 2010 men’s Olympic gold-medal hockey game

5) Jay was sexually harassed at TSN by a senior citizen every day for ten years

4) Jay appeared as the Phantom of the Opera on national television

3) Jay was entertained nightly by free live sex shows throughout university

2) Jay was single-handedly responsible for Winnipeg’s second NHL team being called “The Jets” (he claims)

1) Running around in a full-body unitard at the London Olympics is a bad idea

All this and more awaits you inside ANCHORBOY!

Cover Reveal: Jay Onrait’s ANCHORBOY is available for pre-order

AnchorboyThe former TSN Sportscentre anchor and current Fox Sports 1 anchor has a book coming out with HarperCollins Canada. He wrote it all himself and it’s one of the most honest and funny books I’ve worked on.

From Amazon:

Nine out of ten people would say Jay Onrait changed Canadian sportscasting. The first nine are right. The tenth just doesn’t get sports.

From the 2011 Gemini Award-winning sportscaster comes a book of essays and stories featuring the rise of a small town prairie boy and his journey to broadcasting in the big city. But, it’s not what you think. These are not tales of triumph, but the stories his fans and viewers have been waiting for.

Anchorboy teaches aspirational sportscasters that if you make enough mistakes you’ll land the right job. It explains Jay’s philosophy on personality-based sports broadcasting and how he changed sportscasting forever. A behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work at TSN—it’s a balance of humour, pop culture, and sports.

Specifically, you’ll read about:

  • Jay being sexually harassed at TSN by a senior every day for ten years
  • Jay being beaten up by a professional MMA fighter while hosting Winnipeg’s The Big Breakfast
  • Jay’s nervous interview with one of his comedy heroes, Will Ferrell
  • Jay’s own personal Worst Christmas Eve Ever


These are the stories that will make you laugh. Mostly at Jay’s expense.

Deal News: Jay Onrait’s ANCHORBOY to Wiley Canada

Gemini Award winning TSN SportsCentre host Jay Onrait’s ANCHORBOY, very humorous essays, personal anecdotes and insider information about sportscasting in the tradition of David Sedaris, has been sold to Karen Milner at Wiley.

Foreign and translation rights available from the Taryn Fagerness Agency.