“How To Get An Agent”

…as you all know…it’s not that simple. So, that’s why I’m teaching my webinar again! HOW TO GET AN AGENT will run August 11 at 1pm EST, but don’t despair–if you can’t attend live and you’re still interested sign up anyway to get the live webinar emailed to you right after. It’s full of greatContinue reading ““How To Get An Agent””

Webinar: HOW TO GET AN AGENT May 14th, Writer’s Digest

I’m back at Writer’s Digest doing another great webinar. This time: HOW TO GET AN AGENT. Sign up here for the May 14 (1pm EST) session.  Many writers think getting a literary agent is the hardest thing they’ll have to do as a writer. They think agents are looking to turn away writers, when actuallyContinue reading “Webinar: HOW TO GET AN AGENT May 14th, Writer’s Digest”

How Writers Can Show Agents They’re Career Authors

An agent’s job is part project manager, part contracts consultant, part therapist, part editor, and always full-time advocate. We try to be so many things for our writers and all agents have particular strengths in one part of that equation. However, what we all have in common is treating our writers’ careers like a business.Continue reading “How Writers Can Show Agents They’re Career Authors”

7 Ways To Make Yourself An Easy Author to Work With

After query letter tips, the second most popular question I get asked is: “How do I make myself agreeable in an agent’s eyes?” It’s a great question. This is a personal business that’s all about great working relationships. Firstly, you have to write a great manuscript, but secondly, how does an agent decide to work withContinue reading “7 Ways To Make Yourself An Easy Author to Work With”