Agent Communication: Do’s and Don’ts

I know you courteous querying writers like to know how agents like to be communicated with. Someone asked on Twitter if I could talk about the do’s and don’ts of agent communication. Here some of my tips: Be pleasant. There is a difference between confident and arrogant. You only have one chance to make aContinue reading “Agent Communication: Do’s and Don’ts”

An Agent Is Not An Editor

As an agent I am not there to overhaul your manuscript in an extensive editing process. My job is to get it in the best shape I can for submission to editors, but substantial editing is not in my job description because agents don’t have time for it and not all agents are trained editors.Continue reading “An Agent Is Not An Editor”

What to do when your offer of representation isn’t as simple as you thought

So, you’ve got an offer of representation. Now what? When you played this scenario in your head perhaps you thought it would be simple or one of a few situations: I submit to my first choice agent and we connected. I go through a few months of rejections and land the agent that really lovesContinue reading “What to do when your offer of representation isn’t as simple as you thought”

Q: What can writers do to make agents’ lives easier?

Saturday afternoon I had the pleasure of co-hosting the BookCampTO ‘Agenting Today’ session at Ryerson University with my esteemed colleagues Sam Hiyate, The Rights Factory, and Chris Bucci, Anne McDermid & Associates. We fielded great questions from writers and industry professionals alike. Didn’t make it to BookCamp? Want to know what we discussed? Here’s one question thatContinue reading “Q: What can writers do to make agents’ lives easier?”