4 Publishing Industry “Rules” You Can Break (and 6 You MUST follow!)

In publishing rules are just guidelines. We give you these guidelines to help you (believe it or not). We’re not trying to make your life harder; we are trying to show you how to succeed. These guidelines are what you should generally follow, but there are times you can break the rules. A great skillContinue reading “4 Publishing Industry “Rules” You Can Break (and 6 You MUST follow!)”

Did you know you’re already an author brand?

Are you an author brand? The minute you publish to Twitter, write your first blog post, or call yourself a writer on Facebook–you’ve started to establish your author brand. As soon as you layer your online identity with posts, pictures and anecdotes they craft a persona in the minds of readers and visitors that you can neverContinue reading “Did you know you’re already an author brand?”

How Writers Build Successful Online Communities

A recurring conversation I have with editors and clients is about the importance of building online communities that engage with fellow writers and readers. I bring this up again and again because writers in the earliest stages of their querying and publication process need to know how to navigate this unchartered territory. Here are 12Continue reading “How Writers Build Successful Online Communities”