6 Tips for Author Self Promotion You Can Start Today

Self promotion has a sense of over-confidence about it. Only people who think super highly of themselves can promote themselves unabashedly, right? Wrong. Self promotion has two sides to it: you and people who receive it. If you build a community online (whether it’s social media, a blog, or a website) self promotion is how toContinue reading “6 Tips for Author Self Promotion You Can Start Today”

The Writer’s 8 Tools of Pitching

Getting ready to go on submission to agents? Don’t know what to have prepared? Wish you had a checklist? Here’s your tool kit: 1. Log Line: You have to be able to describe your book in one sentence. 2. Query: Use a three paragraph structure 1) why you’re querying this agent, log line, genre andContinue reading “The Writer’s 8 Tools of Pitching”

Q: What Do Agents Like to See When They Google Writers?

Yes, if we’re interested in your work we’ll Google you. And yes, there are things we like to see: Some sort of Website. You need a landing page. (WordPress and About.me help you do this for free. You don’t have to break the bank.) A certain level of Social Media proficiency. (It doesn’t have toContinue reading “Q: What Do Agents Like to See When They Google Writers?”

Author websites and blogs: what are the must have’s?

So you’ve started an author blog or website. What should it look like? What material should you have on it? I’ve outlined some must have’s for author websites. 7 Things Your Author Website Needs: 1) List of your books & Where to buy your books If visitors stumble upon or search for you, either way youContinue reading “Author websites and blogs: what are the must have’s?”