Trends: they’re fluid and you’ll never catch them

The feedback and trends from my recent BEA meetings and meetings with editors in New York City were varied, but there were some genre take aways that I can share that reflect where the industry is right now–especially in commercial trade publishing.

I’m not saying anything new, you’ve probably all heard this on Twitter, on blogs, or in bookstores. But, here are trends that have arguably hit saturation:

  • Paranormal
  • Dystopian
  • Time Travel
  • Witches

That doesn’t mean that editors aren’t looking at it. Some will consider it, but ONLY if it is very, very special and unique. It does mean that the number of editors that would take a chance on it right now are super slim. Continue reading Trends: they’re fluid and you’ll never catch them

Book Expo America from the agent side

June 5th to 7th is Book Expo America in New York City where authors sign books, publishers promote their lists, industry members attend seminars, and those in the rights business (like agents) meet scouts, editors and sub agents to sell rights to their clients’ work.

BEA is not a major rights fair, that’s what London Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair are for, but it’s a time when everyone is in one place.

Next week I’ll be meeting with editors at their offices, at BEA, and going out for coffee to catch up on what’s new with them and their lists. I’ll pitch new client material, meet with my clients’ editors, and meet editors I haven’t been acquainted with yet to build my network. I have 40 meetings planned in 4 days.  Continue reading Book Expo America from the agent side