Why You’re Starting Your Novel in the Wrong Place

Does your book start at the most interesting point in your character’s life? It should.  The number one problem I see with sample material, and even client material sometimes, is that the book doesn’t start in the right place. If you are starting with the beginning of the day (waking up or eating breakfast) IContinue reading “Why You’re Starting Your Novel in the Wrong Place”

6 Tips To Hook A Reader on Page One

I’ve read thousands of “page ones.” Very often I don’t read page two. Sometimes all I read is that first page and I make judgements based on what I see there. As an agent and a reader my practice is that if I’m not connecting with the material I move on–and quickly. I wish I hadContinue reading “6 Tips To Hook A Reader on Page One”

6 Ways Not To Start Your Novel

Agents look at countless partial and full manuscripts. What’s one thing that turns us off quick? Unoriginal and unexciting openings. Here’s my top 6 ways not to start your novel. 1. A prologue that doesn’t make any sense to us at this time This is a common case of over-writing and not thinking from theContinue reading “6 Ways Not To Start Your Novel”