Which pitch has the most potential? Slush pile, in-person or online contest?

I get asked this question often. Writers want to make the most of their time and talent. Querying is a part in your writing career that is fraught with stress, expectation, and worry–oh wait, this sounds like the entire length of a writing career! Jokes aside, the decisions you make to start your career haveContinue reading “Which pitch has the most potential? Slush pile, in-person or online contest?”

4 Tips To Increase Goodreads Book Promotion

Goodreads: everyone’s favourite social book tracking site. What more can you want as an author than to be where the bibliophiles are? There are many ways to use Goodreads, but from the perspective of an author trying to get the word out you’re in a great place to find your market. HOW TO USE GOODREADS FORContinue reading “4 Tips To Increase Goodreads Book Promotion”

Q: Should I have a blog or website or both?

Should I have a blog or website or both? Blogs are wonderful tools to engage with your readership, however they can get a bit cluttered when it comes time for book promotion and online marketing. If you are going to keep a blog but no website make sure your headers are easy to spot andContinue reading “Q: Should I have a blog or website or both?”

How Writers Build Successful Online Communities

A recurring conversation I have with editors and clients is about the importance of building online communities that engage with fellow writers and readers. I bring this up again and again because writers in the earliest stages of their querying and publication process need to know how to navigate this unchartered territory. Here are 12Continue reading “How Writers Build Successful Online Communities”