10 Ways To Personalize Your Query to Agents

Writers hear that they’re supposed to personalize their queries–but “how personal, exactly?” is the most common question. The best queries show that they have engaged with us before (on Twitter, read an interview, or a blog post of ours) and have done their research. It’s easier than you think to show that personal touch. BelowContinue reading “10 Ways To Personalize Your Query to Agents”

Agent perspective: What’s wrong with your manuscript

Pitching your book to no avail? Are agents not being forthcoming with advice? Getting ready to submit in the new year? The definitive guide to what’s wrong with most manuscripts: 1. All internal conflict, no external conflict. Does more happen in the character’s head than in the plot? This is going to be a problemContinue reading “Agent perspective: What’s wrong with your manuscript”

Q: What should I do while my book is on submission?

So many authors get anxious while their book is on submission to editors, as they should be! This is an exciting time. However, you can really work yourself up so here are 5 tips to keep your head above water: Find a writers group to vent with. You’ll need to talk to people who know what you’reContinue reading “Q: What should I do while my book is on submission?”