My Controversial New Year’s Resolution. And Tell Me: What’s Your Reading-Related Resolution?

There are so many great ways to incorporate reading into your New Year’s Resolutions. Do you want to read more books in 2016? Try Harper’s 50 Book Pledge. Do you want to read books you wouldn’t otherwise? Here’s a great reading challenge from Pop Sugar! Do you want to increase the diverse reading you’re doing?Continue reading “My Controversial New Year’s Resolution. And Tell Me: What’s Your Reading-Related Resolution?”

Why Writers Must Be Readers

I often get asked, how does someone become a better writer? My answer is always to read more, more, more. Here are the reasons why writers must be voracious readers: Attention to detail – People who read a lot learn grammar, spelling, dialogue and more from books. Knowing what’s going on in your genre –Continue reading “Why Writers Must Be Readers”

Digital strategy, do you have one?

An agent’s job is changing as rapidly as the publishing industry itself. We’re carving out new territory for our authors and ourselves. The support we give our authors is more complex in recent times and if you didn’t think you needed an agent before you certainly need one now to help you with your onlineContinue reading “Digital strategy, do you have one?”

The Top 10 Books I Read This Year

I did a cumulative post about the books I have read this year in mid-November. However, I wanted to highlight my favourite reads of the bunch in fiction and non fiction. (Minus my client’s work, of course.) They did not all come out this year, but many did. Get a taste of my interests below! My favourite fictionContinue reading “The Top 10 Books I Read This Year”