Why You’re Starting Your Novel in the Wrong Place

Does your book start at the most interesting point in your character’s life? It should.  The number one problem I see with sample material, and even client material sometimes, is that the book doesn’t start in the right place. If you are starting with the beginning of the day (waking up or eating breakfast) IContinue reading “Why You’re Starting Your Novel in the Wrong Place”

How much do you know about hiring an external publicist for your novel?

Being a fiction writer in today’s era of discoverability issues is tough! If you’ve got an agent (congrats!), a book deal (terrific!), and a pub date (a book birthday!) you’re certainly set up for success. But what is that success? What do you want from your novel? The most people to read it, surely. OneContinue reading “How much do you know about hiring an external publicist for your novel?”

The hard truths of publishing right now

There are some realities in publishing that are tough right now… Format Original trade paper is now the way to go with many debuts. Hardcover is a tough sell and no one wants to be placing their authors out of the market. The traditional approach (hardcover release followed by paperback a year later) is nowContinue reading “The hard truths of publishing right now”

Have You Written Your Breakout Book?

The Guardian article and subsequent twitter frenzy over the idea that some writers are famous for the wrong book had me thinking about what a breakout book really is. The Guardian argues that many authors’ most well-known books are hardly their best, so why did those breakout commercially while, for example, their first book did not?Continue reading “Have You Written Your Breakout Book?”