5 Things To Do While Your Book is on Submission

Submitting your book to agents is one thing. It’s a writer’s first time putting it all out there and the responses are varied. However, when your agent submits your book to a publisher that’s a whole other level of stress. It can be exciting! Finally, it’s out there in the world. And it can be worrying…whatContinue reading “5 Things To Do While Your Book is on Submission”

Why You Can’t Quit Your Day Job. Yet.

Many writers think their day job is getting in the way of their writing and count down the days until they can quit because that big book deal is on the way, right? Wrong, for now. (I should preface this with: Some writers have the luxury of external support, have modified or flexible work schedulesContinue reading “Why You Can’t Quit Your Day Job. Yet.”

How Writers Can Show Agents They’re Career Authors

An agent’s job is part project manager, part contracts consultant, part therapist, part editor, and always full-time advocate. We try to be so many things for our writers and all agents have particular strengths in one part of that equation. However, what we all have in common is treating our writers’ careers like a business.Continue reading “How Writers Can Show Agents They’re Career Authors”

What are agents looking for in a writer?

One of the most popular questions I get asked during an #askagent Twitter session or at a conference is: What are agents looking for in a writer? All agent interests and guidelines aside here are the qualities I look for–these are my personal opinions–in a writer: Professional demeanour online and via emails/phone conversations You are a reflection ofContinue reading “What are agents looking for in a writer?”