How Writers Can Show Agents They’re Career Authors

An agent’s job is part project manager, part contracts consultant, part therapist, part editor, and always full-time advocate. We try to be so many things for our writers and all agents have particular strengths in one part of that equation. However, what we all have in common is treating our writers’ careers like a business.Continue reading “How Writers Can Show Agents They’re Career Authors”

Life and Times of an Associate Agent Part I

Have you wondered what the difference is between ‘associate agents’ and ‘agents’–well I’m sure you can guess. Associates are newbie agents that benefit from the mentorship of principal agents at their agency. Associate agents are more actively building a list a looking for new clients. Associate agents are more often working with debut writers. Agenting,Continue reading “Life and Times of an Associate Agent Part I”

To MFA or Not to MFA, That Is The Question…

There is much debate over whether doing an MFA is crucial to the experience of a writer. There are two schools of thought (pardon the pun): The MFA shows a dedication to the craft and a seriousness about being a writer. The learning experiences of the world are of greater value than those learned inContinue reading “To MFA or Not to MFA, That Is The Question…”