Agent perspective: What’s wrong with your manuscript

Pitching your book to no avail? Are agents not being forthcoming with advice? Getting ready to submit in the new year? The definitive guide to what’s wrong with most manuscripts: 1. All internal conflict, no external conflict. Does more happen in the character’s head than in the plot? This is going to be a problemContinue reading “Agent perspective: What’s wrong with your manuscript”

The Secret to Writing Good Characters

Characters make or break a novel, especially for agents. When agents get 100s of manuscripts submitted per month, what is it that draws us to some books and not others? Characters. What agents look for in a main character: Degree of likability Interesting Honest Have a strong and unique voice They feel like they hadContinue reading “The Secret to Writing Good Characters”

4 Ways To Edit Your Book Back on Track

When you go back to edit, do you ever find your book has lost its way? Not sure what it is anymore? Too close to it to see it clearly? This happens with many manuscripts I see. Writers query these novels still unsure of what it is and how they got there. Here are my tips forContinue reading “4 Ways To Edit Your Book Back on Track”

On Writing Secondary Characters

Developing a cast of memorable characters isn’t easy. Writers are told to develop their main character well with motivation, internal and external conflict–but sometimes don’t put the same emphasis on secondary characters because they’re too worried about their MC. It’s easy to manipulate secondary characters and sub plots to support your story, but they have to beContinue reading “On Writing Secondary Characters”