Top 8 Books About Writing

Need some extra writing advice? Love highlighting and taking notes? These are some of the resources I recommend the most. Enjoy! Self Editing For Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King This is one of THE most important things writers can teach themselves. Put this one at the top of your list if youContinue reading “Top 8 Books About Writing”

6 Ways You Can Know Your Characters Better

Do you ever get feedback from a beta reader, editor, or critique partner to the effect of: “Something is missing from what you (the writer) know about your characters versus what is showing up on the page.” Writers have a tendency to bring their characters to life in their heads before they come to lifeContinue reading “6 Ways You Can Know Your Characters Better”

4 Reasons Why Your Book Is Not Your Baby

We’ve all heard this phrase. And I’m sure I’ve used it on this blog. It centers around the idea that you work hard to gestate the concept, cultivate it’s growth, and then set it free out into the world to see how it gets on with others. While it’s a common metaphor, it’s not realisticContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Your Book Is Not Your Baby”

Why I stop reading your manuscript

As you know agents don’t have time for reading things that don’t grab us. So what is it that makes us stop reading? Characters are not compelling I have to be on board with the main character. I have to feel like I understand them and are strongly invested in their journey. If I amContinue reading “Why I stop reading your manuscript”