Write High-Stakes Tension: Are you too close to your characters?

Are you too close to your characters? You’ve engendered, given traits, and brought your characters to life on the page. It’s not surprising that writers find themselves attached to their characters and are afraid of putting them into complicated situations. If you’ve created complex and compelling enough characters they will falter and they will hitContinue reading “Write High-Stakes Tension: Are you too close to your characters?”

Top 10 Themes, Characters and Genres I’m Looking For In Submissions Right Now

The Book Club Book – The Help, Time Travelers Wife, etc. Accessible and well written fiction Pop Science – Time Magazine-esque non fiction (psychology, health, technology etc.) Upmarket Non Fiction – women’s, memoir Women’s Fiction – Elin Hilderbrand, Cathleen Schine, Jodi Picoult Adult Fiction – characters over 30 years of age

Backstory and Foreshadowing: are you showing or telling?

Backstory is crucial to building a relationship between the reader and the material. This allows the reader feel like they know the character like a friend: the anecdotes, stories, likes and disappointments the characters have gone through as though the reader has been privy to that information like a confidant. It seems easy enough, butContinue reading “Backstory and Foreshadowing: are you showing or telling?”