Agents aren’t just signing your first book

Most agents aren’t looking to sign your first book, we’re looking to work with you for your career. We look to your first book (and need to love it) to fall for your writing and take that as a precursor for what’s to come.

What we expect/hope for

We want you to connect with your editor and find a home in your publishing house.

We want you to grow over the course of each book.

We want you to find a core audience.

We want you to find success.

We want you to keep writing.

How the partnership gets started

This is the ideal situation and why we invest our time. We want to be the ones to help you kick-start your career and help you navigate through it while working on some fantastic books! Now, sometimes it gets complicated (the first book doesn’t get picked up, an author takes their career into a new genre, trust starts to erode) and not every client is the success story we both hoped for when we signed on together, but getting an agent is incredibly hard because we’re looking for more than what’s on the page. Continue reading Agents aren’t just signing your first book

New Client: Paulette Lambert and the California Health and Longevity Institute

You might know Paulette Lambert from Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition or heard of the California Health & Longevity Institute from sources like ABC, NBC, MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. The California Health & Longevity Institute has a comprehensive approach to health and well-being in the areas of medicine, nutrition, fitness and life balance.  “Only 20% of weight loss comes from fitness,” she says. “The rest is how you eat.”

I am so pleased to welcome her and CHLI on board as a client.

Twitter: @paulettelambert, @chli360health

Website: Paulette Lambert

New Client: Colin Mochrie

I am beyond pleased and very excited to announce that Colin Mochrie is joining the PSLA team as my newest client.

Colin Mochrie is one of Canada’s most internationally successful comedians. Best known for his work on Whose Line Is It Anyway? he has become known as the quick-witted master of improvisation.  He has been seen on Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, She’s The Mayor, Degrassi: The Next Generation, The Kids in The Hall, Getting Along Famously and Almost Heroes, and is currently filming a new show for ABC. Colin lives in Toronto.

Twitter: @colinmochrie