Agents and authors have more in common than you might think…

I know you writers think that agents have a pretty great gig. And we do! We do it because we love finding emerging writers and developing their career while sharing their work with the world. However, there are parts of our job that not all writers are aware of and I share some here:

  • We get rejected too! We manage the careers for multiple clients and if you think getting passes from editors for your book is tough think about us: we love all our clients’ books and get passes for the majority of them until we find a home.
  • If you think writing a query letter is difficult, we write pitch letters for all our clients’ projects. We do our research, tailor them to each editor, carefully proofread and re-read to make sure we nailed the hook, and send them out with nerves just like you do as writers.
  • Like non fiction writers sending proposals to agents, agents write proposals for our clients to send to editors. Now it varies how much we assist in this process, but often I’ve written 85% of client proposals to get them up to industry standards. If you think all that research is tough, we do the exact same thing: overview, author bio, your market, a marketing plan, comparative titles, and sample material. Continue reading Agents and authors have more in common than you might think…

What does an agent do, exactly?

I recently had a prospective client ask: what does an agent do? And a had client ask: what does an agent do after the book is sold? These are great questions because those new to the business side of book don’t know the details, and many focus on the first half of the process when querying and are a new writer that they want to know more about the second half of what we do.

So here is the list I compiled and I share with you:

What Does a Typical Day Look Like for an Agent?

Everyone says that there is never a ‘typical day’ in their job, but this is also true for being a literary agent. Days are varied, which is part of the fun, challenge, and excitement. For those interested I made a list of what I did one day late last week so you can get an idea:

Boot up my computer, download emails, check Twitter and industry blogs.

Respond to emails in order of importance: my clients’ editors, clients with pending projects, and so forth.

Start to edit client’s manuscript, but emails coming in invariably make me put it down and pick it up in the evening when things are quiet.

Pick up a requested manuscript that I began last night, but didn’t finish.

Respond to an email regarding an offer for a client and subsequent negotiations.

Take a quick look at new requested projects coming in. Saw something that immediately made me make notes for a blog post. Continue reading What Does a Typical Day Look Like for an Agent?

Agency Year in Review

The P.S. Literary Agency had a fantastic year. Below are some of the highlights and I leave you with what’s coming up for us in 2012.

Book releases
  • The year began with the release of Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s NEVER TOO LATE. It became a Canadian bestseller. Gail was on the non-fiction bestsellers list in January appearing at #1 (NEVER TOO LATE), #6 (EASY MONEY), and #7 (DEBT-FREE FOREVER).
  • Release of French-Canadian edition of DEBT-FREE FOREVER.
  • Release of THE 10-POUND SHRED by Tommy Europe.
  • Release of THE HAPPINESS EQUATION by Nick Powdthavee in the US.
  • Release of ENDANGERED by Pamela Beason from Berkley.
  • Release of BLACKJACK SECRETS by Jay Moore from Skyhorse Publishing.
  • Sold English-language rights in India to Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s DEBT-FREE FOREVER.
  • Sold Gail’s next book, MONEY RULES, to HarperCollins Canada.
  • Sold English-language rights in India to Tommy Europe’s THE 10-POUND SHRED.
  • Sold Japanese rights to Nick Powdthavee’s THE HAPPINESS EQUATION.
  • Sold German rights to Pamela Beason’s first three titles, beginning with ENDANGERED, in the Summer Westin mystery series, to Egmont, at auction.
  • Sold GUNSHIP ACE by journalist and author Al Venter to Casemate Publishers.
Continue reading Agency Year in Review