Happy Book Birthday to Colin Mochrie’s NOT QUITE THE CLASSICS

9780670066575HNOT QUITE THE CLASSICS is out today!

Colin Mochrie, a man known worldwide for working without a script, tackles the classics in this surprising, delightful collection of stories

Borrowing from a well-known improv game, Mochrie takes the first and last lines from familiar classics and reimagines everything in between. With the same engaging humour he exhibits on stage, television, and film, he takes the reader in bizarre and hilarious new directions.

Imagine Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick featuring a killer toupée. Imagine Sherlock Holmes doing stand-up and The Night Before Christmas with a time-travelling twist. This inspired collection is comical, quirky, and clever—classic Mochrie.

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Happy Book Birthday to Colin Mochrie for the Ebook Edition of NOT QUITE THE CLASSICS

Colin Mochrie’s back with a new season of WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? and an ebook called NOT QUITE THE CLASSICS.

Where the art of improvisation meets the art of literature.

“Colin Mochrie is a comedic and creative force to be reckoned with. Therefore, this book is a literary force to be reckoned with. If you are too lazy for reckoning, just read this book and everything will work out nicely.” —Brad Sherwood
“Colin Mochrie is devastatingly handsome, perilously smart, and smells like warm maple syrup. Step inside his hilarious and complex mind, and abandon all hope.” —Aisha Tyler

Based on the improv game First Line, Last Line, Colin Mochrie of Whose Line is it Anyway? fame, puts a unique spin on works of classic literature. Taking the first line and last line from classic books and poems, Colin recasts these familiar stories in his own trademark offbeat style:

– A verbose coyote becomes the star of A TALE OF TWO CRITTERS
– Ishmael is a struggling actor hunting for a good hair day in MOBY
– A rainy day at home becomes a zombie-killing adventure in THE CAT AND MY DAD
– Mighty Casey strikes out again in CASEY AT THE BAR

These stories, and many more, prove that no literary masterpiece is too big, or too small, for the improvisational comedy treatment.

“I adore Colin Mochrie. I think he is brilliant, so talented AND a dear sweet man. Also, he’s funny as well and a good kisser!”
—Florence Henderson

“I love Colin. I love his voice. I love his lips. I love his eyeballs. His pecs. And the rest of him. I’m going to Paris with him soon.”
— Richard Simmons 

Deal News: Colin Mochrie’s NOT QUITE THE CLASSICS to Penguin Canada

From the Press Release:

Penguin, the world’s pre-eminent publisher of classic literature, has acquired publishing rights to the debut book from a man known worldwide for working without a script. Colin Mochrie, the popular award-winning actor and world-renowned master of improv, will release NOT QUITE THE CLASSICS for publication in fall 2012. The book was acquired, at auction, by Commissioning Editor Adrienne Kerr from agent Carly Watters at the P.S. Literary Agency.

Best known for his roles in Whose Line Is It Anyway? and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Colin Mochrie has been making international audiences laugh for over 25 years. He entertains 80,000 audience members a year on his international improv tour with fellow improviser Brad Sherwood. Mr. Mochrie recently filmed an upcoming primetime show for a major US network, to be announced shortly. Continue reading Deal News: Colin Mochrie’s NOT QUITE THE CLASSICS to Penguin Canada

New Client: Colin Mochrie

I am beyond pleased and very excited to announce that Colin Mochrie is joining the PSLA team as my newest client.

Colin Mochrie is one of Canada’s most internationally successful comedians. Best known for his work on Whose Line Is It Anyway? he has become known as the quick-witted master of improvisation.  He has been seen on Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza, She’s The Mayor, Degrassi: The Next Generation, The Kids in The Hall, Getting Along Famously and Almost Heroes, and is currently filming a new show for ABC. Colin lives in Toronto.

Twitter: @colinmochrie

Website: http://www.colinmochrie.com/